How We 10Xed Store Sales And Increased ROAS By 140% For Arteza

Arteza is the leading direct to consumer arts & crafts supplies brand offering art enthusiasts and hobbyists high quality supplies at affordable price points across a variety of categories.

Capptive8 was hired to scale their Facebook acquisition efforts and increase online store revenue profitably.

Success Story

We built a ROAS driven creative strategy and deployed aggressive testing to achieve 140% increase in Return On Ad Spend in the first month. As the cost per purchase dropped significantly we scaled their Faceboost ad spend and store revenue by 10X in just under 8 months.


Arteza Raises $24m Series A With Volition Capital; Achieves 10x Revenue Growth Over Two Years.
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ROAS Driven Creative

Creative Strategy Creative Strategy
Creative is KING. With machine learning radical improvements and media buying being simplified, creative has become the main driver of performance on Facebook and Instagram.

And to achieve high performance at scale for eCommerce you need a ROAS driven creative & testing strategy.

For Arteza our goal was to build creative strategy that will engage their most passionate target market - women 25+ who are into arts & crafts. The creative was designed to attract and build an engaged audience of high intent buyers.
We tested a variety of engaging video concepts combined with high converting ad copy.

Testing a high volume of concepts is crucial to find winners fast.

95% of all creative tested fail. To increase our success rate of finding winners we use our internal tools built to help us leverage competitors winning creative concepts.

Creative Drives

Within 10 days of testing we found multiple strong winners. As a result we saw a lift of +140% in ROAS.

Videos completely smashed image ads with -45% lower Cost per Purchase.
Creative testing is a never ending cycle.

We continued testing new variations and ad copy angles to improve the control. This is the key to maintain efficiency while scaling spend.
Performance Performance

Bringing Sales Home

Increased ad spend and store revenue by 10x in under 8 months.

When we were done with Phase 1 of our creative tests we used our top creative to launch and scale campaigns with audience expansion

This allowed us to convert a much broader audience of high value customers at the desired ROAS target.

As we were constantly testing and improving our creative we opened up the demographic targeting to include all ages and gender to capture a higher market share for Arteza.
Arteza Raises $24m Series A With Volition Capital; Achieves 10x Revenue Growth Over Two Years


Mike Koshatko
Mike Koshatko
Manol and his team were instrumental for the fast growth of Arteza. We saw immediate success in the reduction of our customer acquisition costs through their creative testing strategies. They helped us scale our Facebook ad revenue fast from 6 to 8 figures which was paramount for our success.